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A Polish satellite named after celebrated 17th Century astronomer Joannes Hevelius was sent into space on Tuesday morning from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in northern China

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Poland’s financial services sector weighs cloud’s risks and rewards
Banks and financial services enterprises in Poland considering cloud services are split between strict regulations and security concerns on one hand, and cloud’s benefits and reach in other sectors.

Putin Turns Poles Into Cider Lovers Amid Russia Food Ban
When Tomasz Porowski helped pioneer branded Polish apple cider three years ago, the beverage barely registered in a nation of beer and vodka drinkers.

Poland wants EU to complain to WTO over Russian embargo
Poland has asked the European Commission to send a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over the Russian ban on imported EU food products that has hit Poland particularly hard, the Polish Economy Ministry said on Tuesday (19 August).

SEGRO closes next stage of the company investments’ renaming process in the CEE region
In August 2014 SEGRO, leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing properties in Europe, changed the names of two parks, thereby performing yet another stage of the renaming process of all SEGRO’s investments in the CEE region.

GTS Poland provides infrastructure for
GTS Poland announced a contract with, a provider of hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses in Central and Eastern Europe.
Poland looks to Belarus to import food banned by Russia
“Poland could import to Belarus almost as many apples as it supplies to the European Union,” Poland's deputy agriculture minister says

Zloty stable before industrial output data
The zloty was stable on Wednesday before a release of Polish industrial output data that should provide a clearer picture of the region’s biggest economy and the chances Poland’s central bank will cut interest rates.

State of the Polish tea market
Poland has long been considered a country of tea-drinkers. It ranks #4 in Europe in tea consumption, according to a January ranking of Euromonitor researcher and the World Bank.

Polish fertilizer giant eyes foreign takeovers
Grupa Azoty, the largest Polish chemical company and the second in Europe, has published a strategy that includes possible takeovers on foreign markets.

ACER verdict splits costs on Poland-Lithuania pipeline
The costs for the planned Poland-Lithuania interconnector project will be shared across the Baltic states, following a first-of-its-kind ruling by the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

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10 questions for foreign investor
  • Joanna Bensz - CH2M HILL

    Joanna Bensz nową country manager CH2M HILL w Polsce.

    Joanna Bensz, the new Country Manager of CH2M HILL Interview

    How much investment are you making in Poland (now and planned over the next few years)? Do you have financing partners?
    What are the primary sources of your revenues?
    Tell us about your hiring plans: how many people do you plan to employ now and how will that change over the next 2-3 years. What are your office space needs or expansion plans, or other real estate requirements?
    ... read more

  • Tax

    Steven Foster - Process Solutions

    Steven Foster Doom and gloom gives way to flat taxes
    The Polish tax and social security (ZUS) systems provide incentives for businesses in the form of flat rate tax and ZUS payments. So why do so many business owners not take advantage?
  • Political Advisory/Lobbying

    Marek Matraszek - CEC Government Relations

    Marek Matraszek Dusk for Ukraine, Dawn for Poland ?
    However the crisis develops – or resolves itself – there is little doubt that the consequences for Poland, Central Europe and the European Union will be dramatic.
  • Corporate Risk

    Preston Smith - CEE Consulting Group Sp. z o.o.

    Preston Smith Four internal scams that could bleed you to death
    True, old-fashioned, 1990s-style tunneling does exist—this being the insertion of a person with a false identity into your firm with the sole goal of diverting bank transfers—but in the new millennium white-collar criminals have become much more advanced.
  • Tax

    Matthew O`Shaughnessy - Taxplan Sp. z o.o.

    Matthew O`Shaughnessy Growing pressure on tax optimised intra-group structures
    The Polish Ministry of Finance is not the only fiscal authority in Europe fighting so-called tax optimised structures. New anti-optimisation regulations are being introduced in many countries, including such traditionally liberal jurisdictions as the Netherlands and Ireland.


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